Create a Synergized Look for Your Staff, Group or Organization with Scarf Art

Tillman Mortuarty Ladies

It’s cliche, but true “First Impressions are Lasting” and in some businesses “Image is Everything.”    Especially in those businesses or instances were you are constantly engaging with the public.  You want your employees or group members to represent you with a spirit of excellent and image is a huge part of that attraction.   Personality is great, but what initially attracts most people is ALL visual.  The image of your business sets the tone others will have about your business.  And the personal image of your employees or group members play a vital part in creating that image.   Scarf Art can help you create a synergized, polished look for your staff or group.   We currently offer 10 versatile designs and we are perpetually creating new designs.  In addition, we can customize fabrics colors and patterns for your group or staff.   Our products are very versatile, we can accomodate both a professional and casual look.   Our products are very user-friendly which will help your employees save time, they only have to button the product.   Scarf Art will give your uniforms or intent to create a uniformed look a real POP and attract more customers.  For groups, our products will give your group a synergized but distinguised look.   Create a lasting impression for your group or organization with Scarf Art Products.   Contact us today to discuss customized colors and volume discounts for groups and organizations.  Call us @ (972) 240-9674 or email us,  Check out our products@WWW.SCARF-ART.COM. 


Scarf Art Red & White Collection in 5 Designs

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s, Patriotic Holidays, red & white are pretty much staple colors for any woman’s wardrobe.  To accomodate the average women’s wardrobe we’ve created a collection of Red & White pretied, button and go scarves in a Polka Dot and Paisley print.   The following Scarf Art designs are available in Red & White:

  • Chic Neckerchief
  • Large Nautical Square
  • Small Neckerchief
  • Small Nautical Square
  • V-Square

As are the majority of our designs, this collection is great for your work, church and social wardrobe.   Since our designs eliminate the challenges of scarf tying, they take 15 seconds or less to put on.    These designs work well with Oxford shirts, suits and crewneck tops, blouses, jackets & dresses.   If you belong to a social or professional group we can customize an order for your group for a discounted rate.   Checkout the Scarf Art Red & White Collection on Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest.    Order directly@WWW.SCARF-ART.COM or contact us regarding group orders at today!    REMEMBER TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S – Scarf Art Red Extra Large Ruffle Collar!

Whether you’re attached or not………make your Valentine’s Day special with a special nighout out in our Red Extra Large Ruffle Collar.  Add this special touch to your red, white or black suit, dress, blazer or blouse!  The good thing is you can continue to wear it long after Valentine’s Day for other special ocassions throughout the year.  Pull that old suit, dress or blouse out of your closet and make it look totally new!   The ruffles frame your face, so we suggest putting your hair in an up do and adding that special pair of pearl or rhinestone  earrings to set off this unique piece.   If red is not your color, this design also comes in Black,  White, Tiffany Blue, Purple, Gold, Navy Blue, Crimson Red, Muted Mauve, Soft Pink and Chocolate.    Check it out@WWW.SCARF-ART.COM, order today and receive just in time for Valentine’s!

ONE SCARF, MULTIPLE LOOKS – Scarf Art Long Scarf with Front Button Closure

Scarf Art Black Cream Giraffe Print Long Scarf with Front Button Closure, check it out @ WWW.SCARF-ART.COM
Scarf Art Black Cream Giraffe Print Long Scarf with Front Button Closure, check it out @ WWW.SCARF-ART.COM

We’ve got a solution to help you keep and maintain one of your new year’s resolutions, SAVING MONEY!   As opposed to purchasing new clothes each season, have you considered just adding a scarf to create multiple looks to your current wardrobe?    The Scarf Art Long Scarf with Front Button Closure is one scarf that offers versatility for multiple styles for your business and casual wardrobe.    Checkout the multiple styles on our Facebook, Instagram and  Pinterest pages created with the Scarf Art Long Scarf with Front Button Closure.  The options are only limited by imagination.    This scarf works great with the following:

  • Blazers
  • Crewneck tops & dresses
  • Jeans
  • Jackets
  • Maxi dresses & skirts
  • Oxford shirts
  • Suits
  • T-shirts & t-shirt dresses
  • Tunics
  • Turtlenecks

Check out the Scarf Art Long Scarf with Front Button Closure and experience to power of a scarf to transform your wardrobe!  WWW.SCARF-ART.COM

Casual, Classy and Cute! Scarf Art Crewneck Faux Fur Vest

Are you Winter Ready?  Cute, Classy and Casual Scarf Art Faux Fur Vest
Are you Winter Ready? Cute, Classy and Casual Scarf Art Faux Fur Vest

Are you Winter Ready?   We are here to help with fun Faux Fur Vest in a variety of colors and textures.  Our featured customer is wearing the Chocolate Feathers Faux Fur Vest……very cute and classy!   The Faux Fur Vest are not only fashionable, but also functional………they are fully-lined which contributes to the warmth of the vest.   These vest are investment pieces which will last for years.  The crewneck really compliments turtlenecks and crewneck tops.  As well, they look great with jeans or legging and a pair of flat or high-heel boots.   They are great for shopping, casual dining, traveling,  etc.   The Chocolate Feathers design is a dark brown with very soft wispy feathers freely floating from front to back.  All panels are cover with faux fur, in other words what you see on the front two panels is identical to the back of the vest.     Cost $75.00, plus shipping, check it out @ SCARF-ART.COM!

Scarf Art Ascots created for ALL, Men and Women!

Models 1C - Paisley Ascots

Most people associate Ascots with affluence, etc., we love fashion and Ascots are just another very necessary fashion accessory.  Although the majority of our products were created for women, our Ascot is the exception, it was created for both men and  women.  Winter has officially arrived with 60+ inches of snow in Buffalo, NY,  Ascot season has arrived!  They look really good with a white Oxford shirt, suit with a lapel, blazer or a combination of any two of these items.  Because Ascots are a unisex design, they work well with both a man and womans’ wardrobe.   Just like a tie, an Ascot coupled with a Pocket Square really makes any suit POP for Fall/Winter!   We are finding customers also use them for cleavage coverage, who knew?   If it works, go for it!   We love the fact that Ascots are both fashionable and functional, they look good and provide warmth for your neck and chest.  Scarf Art Ascots are very user-friendly, like most of our other products, just adjust to your neck, button and go!   Check out our

Scarf Art Pretied Scarves Blog

Welcome to the Scarf Art Pretied Scarves Blog!  We’ve learned there are several companies with the same name, therefore, we’d like to distinguish our company from all others with the same name, but different purpose.  We are Scarf Art Pretied, Pre-designed, Button and Go Scarf products created to eliminate scarf tying for women who want to save time & money, are challenged by scarf tying and do not know how to tie a scarf.   Our mission is to perpetually create, make and sell pre-tied, pre-designed functional and fashional scarves for women.  Being scarf lovers and wearers for 30+ years, we consider ourselves pretty well-versed when it comes to how to wear and tie scarves.  Our current collection includes Ascots, Neckerchiefs, Chokers, Ruffle Collars, Nautical Squares and much more.