Scarf Art Ascots created for ALL, Men and Women!

Models 1C - Paisley Ascots

Most people associate Ascots with affluence, etc., we love fashion and Ascots are just another very necessary fashion accessory.  Although the majority of our products were created for women, our Ascot is the exception, it was created for both men and  women.  Winter has officially arrived with 60+ inches of snow in Buffalo, NY,  Ascot season has arrived!  They look really good with a white Oxford shirt, suit with a lapel, blazer or a combination of any two of these items.  Because Ascots are a unisex design, they work well with both a man and womans’ wardrobe.   Just like a tie, an Ascot coupled with a Pocket Square really makes any suit POP for Fall/Winter!   We are finding customers also use them for cleavage coverage, who knew?   If it works, go for it!   We love the fact that Ascots are both fashionable and functional, they look good and provide warmth for your neck and chest.  Scarf Art Ascots are very user-friendly, like most of our other products, just adjust to your neck, button and go!   Check out our