Don’t fall short with the change of seasons, FALL INTO FASHION WITH A SCARF ART FISHTAIL CHIC NECKERCHIEF!  What we have always loved about scarves is the POWER of a scarf to totally transform your outfit and ultimately your wardrobe.   With scarves, it is not necessary to start over and purchase a whole new outfit or overhaul your closet, SCARVES ALLOW YOU TO WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!    It just take a little work on your part by going through your closet to see what colors domininate your wardrobe and purchasing a variety of scarves to compliment your clothes.    The Fishtail Chic Neckerchief does an excellent job of adding that extra POP to what you’ve got to work with in your closet.   This design gives the illusion that you’ve put alot of work into tying it, but as with all our products, IT’S PRETIED FOR YOU, JUST BUTTON AND GO!

Although we suggest this design for all seasons, it is most perfect for Fall!  Add it to a dress or pant suit, dressy or jean jacket, long sleeved crewneck tops, blouse, sleeveless tops, blouses and dresses, cardigan set…………the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.    We offer this design in several fabric selections to fit your wardrobe,  classic black & white, red, navy blue, yellow & white, pumpkin, brown, green and much more!

This design can be worn in two different ways, in front or on the side beneath your cheekbone.   As with all our designs, you can dress it up or down based on the occasion.    Remember, IT’S PRETIED FOR YOU, JUST BUTTON AND GO!  You can checkout all of our designs@WWW.SCARF-ART.COM!

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10 SECONDS to FABULOUS with The Scarf Art Long Scarf with Front Button Closure!

10 Seconds to Fabulous!   The Scarf Art Long Scarf with Front Button Closure is our most transformational scarf that offers many options in less than 10 seconds.   Ladies, you can transform this design into multiple styles which are only limited by your imagination.  See our Instagram and Facebook pages for at least 10-15 styles for each scarf in this design.  What differentiates our scarf from other long scarves is the front button closure which allows your scarf to stay securely tied throughout the day without shifting on you or coming apart.   Tie this scarf once and it stays tied for the duration of your day.    This design serves two major purposes, style and warmth.  It works well with the following:

  • Tank Tops
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets, especially Jean Jackets
  • Sweaters
  • Crewneck Tops, Blouses and Dresses

 We offer multiple fabrics in this design, check them out ladies@WWW.SCARF-ART.COM!