Are You Ready for ALL Your July 4th Celebrations?

IT’S OFFICIALLY SUMMER!  And the first major summer holiday is less than two weeks away, the 4th of July!   Are you wardrobe-ready for all the formal and informal celebrations you are scheduled to attend?  Well………….don’t fret, Scarf Art has you covered ladies, whether you’re attending a backyard barbeque or a formal Patriotic celebration in your city.   Checkout our Red, White and Blue Flag Motif Small Neckerchief, Tiered Small Neckerchiefs, Small Nautical Squares, Large Nautical Squares, Large Chic Neckerchiefs, V-Squares, Long Scarves with Front Button Closure and  Chokers.   If you prefer a solid Red, White or Blue Scarf, we’ve got that TOO!     Here’s just a few outfit options for you to consider for all your upcoming July 4th celebrations, whether formal or informal, VISUALIZE THIS:


Scarf Art Small Neckerchief in Red, White and Blue Flag

Outfit Suggestions

  • For a backyard cookout, we suggest a white tank top & white
  • For a formal event, we suggest a sleeveless red, white or blue knee length dress or an all white dress or pant suit


Scarf Art Red & White Paisley Print Chic Neckerchief

Outfit Suggestions

  • For a dressy backyard cookout, our suggestion is some white or blue jean bermuda shorts and a white tank
  • For a formal event, we suggest a white pencil skirt/or pants & white silk sleeveless tank top


Scarf Art White Choker

Outfit Suggestions  

  • For a backyard cookoout,  our suggestion is a White Maxi Dress or a white tank & blue or white jeans with a hat
  • For  formal event, we suggest a white pant or dress suit OR a sleeveless white dress


Scarf Art Patriotic Long Scarf with Front Button Closure

Outfit Suggestions 

  • For a cookout we suggest jeans, a tank top & a hat
  •  For a formal event, navy or white pencil skirt with a white sleeveless silk tank

We have merely scratched the surface of the number of options available to you with our Red, White and Blue scarves.   When you order, keep in mind all the other Patriotic Holidays throughout the year, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, etc.

Order your Patriotic Scarves for July 4th online today and receive your order before Saturday, July 4th @WWW.SCARF-ART.COM!   

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