Scarf Art Pretied Scarves Blog

Welcome to the Scarf Art Pretied Scarves Blog!  We’ve learned there are several companies with the same name, therefore, we’d like to distinguish our company from all others with the same name, but different purpose.  We are Scarf Art Pretied, Pre-designed, Button and Go Scarf products created to eliminate scarf tying for women who want to save time & money, are challenged by scarf tying and do not know how to tie a scarf.   Our mission is to perpetually create, make and sell pre-tied, pre-designed functional and fashional scarves for women.  Being scarf lovers and wearers for 30+ years, we consider ourselves pretty well-versed when it comes to how to wear and tie scarves.  Our current collection includes Ascots, Neckerchiefs, Chokers, Ruffle Collars, Nautical Squares and much more.